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Shri Badrish panchayatan print


Sold out!

This photo print depicts Shri Badrish along wit his consort Lakshmi. As due with panchayatan tradition there are four more dieties, Kuberji, Ganeshji, Nar and Narayan. In panchayatan all five dieties are worshipped at once as a wholesome group. This one seems to be optimized for householders. Lakshmi is anyway goddess of wealth. Adding Kuberji who is the custodian of wealth doubly ensures wealth doesn’t slip away owing to the fickle nature of Lakshmi ji. Ganesh ji is there to remove hurdles. Nara and Narayan are their to remind always about the spiritual nature hidden within as a balancing force to the material.

The size of this print is 25 by 30 cm.Framing using vintage wooden frames is available on request. Kindly contact on watsap (eight one six zero one eight four seven four zero) or email (regainartNTools AT gmail dot com – replace AT with @ dot with .) Price is inclusive of shipping within India.


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