Goddess Ambaji, vintage unused devotional print


An old unused vintage print of Goddess Ambika, the original painting by Mr. B.G.Sharma

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Goddess Ambika is a the embodiment of Adi Shakti, the form of feminine energy before even time began. The literal meaning of Ambika is the mother. The mother goddess.

She is shown here sitting on a tiger. Her right leg is folded. In her hands she has a sword, a disc, bow and arrow, a conch, a lotus, a gada(mace) and a trishul (trident). Almost all the symbols associated with the male trinity of Gods, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Her right hand is in the varada mudra, the boon giving posture.

size – 6.8 by 9 inches

This is an old stock unused print. The inks that they used in that era are much brighter even after so many years, compared to the new inks used in digital prints.

In case you think there is something incorrect in the description, please do not hesitate to contact. All that I right in the description is based on what I have read from different sources. If you have another idea about it, I would be happy to add to my knowledge.


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