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Balkrishna, Makhan Chor, Vishwa darshan, set of two vintage prints


Sold out!

These two prints show epsiodes of Balkrishna.

In the caption printed on top.of the print it is mentioned as Vishwa darshan. The episode were Devaki catches him eating dirt. When she asks him to open his mouth and sees inside to check she sees the entire universe. From what I know in that episode she had tied him to a mortar. Also the age was much lesser than what is shown in this print. The age were toddlers put anytbing and everything in their mouths. From everything that is happening in this picture in my humble opinion this is another episode. She has a stick in her hands and Krishna is trying to sweet talk his way out. There are many gopis nearby looking on. Maybe a few of them were the complainants. Krishna’s friends are also nearby feeling sorry for him. In the background we can see grasslands and cows grazing. A few of his friends are running towards the house, which point that whatever trouble was caused was moments ago.

In the other print Krishna and his crew are upto one of their favourite tasty mischiefs, ‘Makhan chori’ or stealing butter from a house. One kid stands by the door, as a lookout. Balaram looks on almost like a neutral participant. The house has an upper floor were there are ladies present which makes this act even more risky, as they would have to be very silent. Outside the other women are busy with their chores. One thing to notice in both these prints are that the menfolk are absent. Only the women and kids are home. They must be out probably dealing with cattle or gone to deliver milk products to nearby villages or towns.

One of this prints had the signature of the painter. ‘Agyat’.

This is an early generation offset print. When offset was still high-tech. The dots are the tiniest I have seen and colors change very delicately.

The size of the prints is 36.5 cm by 29 cm. Framing using vintage wooden frames is available on request. Kindly contact on watsap or email.


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