Saraswati Devi Vintage Lithography digital Reprint


digital reprint of antique miniature painting showing Tripura Sundari Devi


Saraswati ji is shown with a rosary in one hand and a set of palm leaf documents in another. The rosary beads shows her spiritual inclination, mantra chanting and so on. The palm leaves were used as books to write on in ancient india, and this denotes her affinity to jnana or knowledge. With rest of her hands she is playing her veena. The imparting of knowledge in ancient india was a oral tradition. Vedas are even now taught orally in the traditional gurukuls because on top of the pronounciation even the intonation should be perfect. This was often accompanied by a veena. Saraswati devi is also the ruling deity of the vishudha chakra. She rules the spoken word and vocal singing, so music. Hee original veena was called kachhapi veena, because the resonator was like a tortoise (kachhapi) shell. She is seen sitting on her ride the swan or the hamsa. Hamsa is considered a symbol of moksha, transcendence and spiritual purity. This is also the reason she is shown as wearing white clothes.

This print is offered both on paper and canvas (framed and unframed). Be assured about great quality on both A4 and A3 size.


Glossy paper, Canvas, Framed Canvas


A4, A3


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