Goddess GajaLakshmi devi Vintage devotional print


An old unused vintage print of Goddess Chamunda, the original painting by Mr. B.G.Sharma

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An offset print of Goddess GajaLakhsmi. Goddess Lakshmi has eight different forms for different aspects of wealth. This one shows her as the goddess of the wealth of elephants. Elephants signified stable wealth as they were only kept by kings, noblemen or big landowners. The cost of keeping an elephant itself was a deterrent. In this day and age if you are looking at upgrading to a 4X SUV or a Bungalow in the suburbs with a large garden out front, she is the one to pray to.

Printed by Sharma Publications Mumbai. The painting style is Udaipur school where Mr. B.G.Sharma hailed from. The size of the print is 24 cm by 15.5 cm.

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