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Shiva, Third eye, Ajna


Sold out!

This painting was discovered by me in the Vadodara friday flea market. It portrays Lord Shiva. The shiv ling, the oblong stone icon is used to portray the energy of shiva. Here the artist has used this stone in place of Shiva’s third eye. The third eyes is the Ajna chakra which when open , one looses the constraints of time. Can look into past and future.

The painting is very symmetric and acts very balancing when looked at. This can be used as a centering tool in your meditation space. This is an original painting over canvas, 25cm X25cm. With the canvas yellowing on its edges, this looks to be between 10 to 20 years old. There are a few very small spots where the paint has peeled. One place where due to being folded there is an inch of hair thin space where the paint has peeled. It is unframed as framing involves wood, which makes custom clearance more tricky. It will be shipped rolled into a cardboard/plastic pipe.


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