Tantric Yantra handmade painting sole of right foot, lotus, quiver, arrow


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Tantra literally means technique. It is an ancient school in spiritualism which has techniques designed for specific results. While tantra is the name of the science, yantra and mantra are the two tools. Mantras are specific sounds, having intended effects. Yantras are physical objects, or a combination of objects, or icons of objects.

The sole of our foot has lots of important nerve endings. It is used in accupressure and accupuncture to reach various organs, which are apparently far from it. Tantra also uses the sole of the feet often. Here it combines the sole with various symbols.

This is a handmade painting on vintage paper, sourced from Rajasthan, where the Tantric painting schools are still active. Size is A4. This is a new unused painting.


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