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Pichwai Krishna Go-Ashtami Cows Attendants Fabric Painting B


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Pichwai are paintings on cloth depicting various leelas of Shri Krishna. These two depict Gopashtami, or the festival of the cows.

The cows are all well fed, sated and their upturned eyes are towards lord Shrinath.This posture of cows is most common in pichwai paintings. Shrinath is the form of Shri Krishna worshipped in Nathdwara, which is now the centrepoint for the pushti-marg school popularised by Vallabhacharya.

On both sides of Shrinath ji there are an attendant each. Their job apparently is to keep the air moving using the fly whisks, but in secret they are there because they are blissful in their lords company.

This painting has been sourced from Rajasthan. It is painted upon cotton fabric with acrylic colors. The size of this painting is 32 by 42 inches.


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