Tripura Sundari Devi VIntage Lithography digital Reprint


digital reprint of antique miniature painting showing Tripura Sundari Devi


Tripura Sundari , also known as Kamakshi, Shodashi and Lalita, is a Hindu goddess and is an aspect of Mahadevi mainly venerated in Shaktism, the goddess-oriented sect of Hinduism. She is also a prominent Mahavidya. She is glorified in many Shakta texts, with Lalita Sahasranama being the most popular one.

According to the Srikula tradition in Shaktism, Tripura Sundari is the foremost of the Mahavidyas, the highest aspect of Adi Parashakti and also primary goddess of Sri Vidya. The Tripura Upanishad places her as the ultimate Shakti (energy, power) of the universe. She is described as the supreme consciousness, ruling from above Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva Kinsley says, In one instance she is said to be sitting on Shiva’s lap in the kāmeśvara form, the “Lord of Desire”. In another case, she is depicted as growing from the Sri Chakra, the yantra of Tripurasundari. In this rendering of the goddess, she is self-emergent, as the Sri Chakra is identical with the goddess herself”. Kinsley also says that “In Saundarya Lahari and Tantrasara she is associated with Shiva in any obvious way as also she is in other depictions”.

This print is offered in very high quality in both A4 and A3 on glossy paper, canvas framed and unframed.


Glossy paper, Canvas, Framed Canvas


A4, A3


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