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Shrinathji, vintage print


Sold out!

This print depicts Shrinathji the form of Krishna as worshipped in Nathdwara. In his left hand raised up he is depicted as holding a flower which is symbolic of the govardhan hillock. Even though he is always considered as dark skinned it is only in the Nathdwara tradition he is depcited as black. In most other schools he is shown as blue skinned, the logic given being that his aura is blue. Another noticeable difference is that shrinathji always has is his eyeballs pointed downwards. I am not yet aware about the reason for this.

The colors used in this print are very unique neon shades. This is probably the only print among hundreds that I have seen. One reason could be that these inks were newly introduced and the printers wanted to try this as it was really eye catching. This color pallette makes this very modern pop contemporary in a way, suitable to interiors where a traditional color pallette might not suit.

The size of this print is 19 by 25 cm. Framing using vintage wooden frames is available on request. Kindly contact on watsap (eight one six zero one eight four seven four zero) or email (regainartNTools AT gmail dot com – replace AT with @ dot with .)


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