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Gopi Jalkrida, vastra-haran, Raja Ravi Varma lonavla print


Sold out!

This print from Raja Ravi Varmas lonavla press.depicts the episode where Krishna steals the Gopi’s clothes while they are taking a dip. In this the artist has chosen to depict Krishna in his kid form. This prevents any sexual overtones. This is one episode which is depicted differently in various versions because this act in most ages would be termed as perverted. One interpretation which I think makes sense is this: bodily shame is closely linked to our ego. Shame is a thing which is not natural and taught by family and society to babies as they grow up. For complete dissolution of ego one has to shed this layer as well. What is the purpose of shame with someone who sees everything past, present and future.

The size of this print is 24 by 34 cm. Framing using vintage wooden frames is available on request. Kindly contact on watsap (eight one six zero one eight four seven four zero) or email (regainartNTools AT gmail dot com – replace AT with @ dot with .)


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