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Trinity Squared


Sold out!

It started with me wondering about triangular frames for paintings. Why are most famous paintings the ones that are done on a rectangular frame? Maybe it has to do something with the golden ration. For nownI have tried a triangle with all sides equal. Triangles are important part of hindu iconology. The upward pointing triangle together with the downward pointing triangle make a hexagon when they come together. When they are in balance this hexagon needs nothing else. It is complete on its own. The upward pointing triangle denotes the rising energy, while the downward pointing triangle denotes the grounding energy, one which gives us roots.

I have used the colors of the upper chakras for the upward pointing triangle. Shades of blues and violets with some white. Red and black for the downward pointing one. Red is the color of the lowest chakra the muladhara. And black is the color of the unknown which is what the lower chakras or the subconscious is for most of us. You can also hang it at different parts of your house. The upward one where you can see it in the morning. The downward one in your bedroom for example. Or at one place, where I suggest the upper pointing one top slightly raised then the other.

It is painted with acrylic colors over stretched canvas. The size of the triangle is eighteen inches for its sides.


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