Goddess Chamunda devi Vintage devotional hindu print wallart decor


An old unused vintage print of Goddess Chamunda, the original painting by Mr. B.G.Sharma

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She is Chamunda, also known as Sachchi Mata, Chamundi, Chamundeshwari or Charchika, is a fearsome aspect of the Devi. Also seen as the divine mother in hinduism.

Her name Chamunda origins from the demons she killed, Chanda and Munda. She is a goddess who is particularly revered among Shaktas who are believers in the primacy of the Divine Feminine.

This print is an old unused stock print. The painter is the renowned B.G. Sharma. There is something about the inks they used in that era which gives it a brightness not found in new digital prints.

Size of this print is 24 cm by 19 cm. Price is inclusive of shipping within India.


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