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Low Stool Seating Five inches wooden


Sold out!

This low seating stool is about 5 inches high. 13 by 18 inches at its widest points. It can be used to sit. Also can be used in any other way you can imagine. Keep your laptop on it while you lay on a rug to watch a movie. You can sit on it in different ways. Cross legged, sukhasana, padmasana, vajrasana, semi-veerasana and so on. By semi veerasana I mean when one cannot sit in veerasana for more than a few seconds or minutes, raising the butt by a few inches relative to the feet makes it easier. By lowering such seating, gives these small steps to climb down. Small gradual increments to muscle stretches.

The main surface is five year aged acacia/babool. The legs are teak. Aging planks sometimes creates cracks in the wood, when it dries. This is natural in air drying wide planks. This one has one crack which has been stopped from growing by using two bow-ties. As one of the first low stools this one also has been given a name Grace.

On its belly is inscribed this message, a baby of a limerick and a free verse.

“I am Grace
Ambassador of slow pace
Member of the species tortoise
Queen of calm poise
Use me as a stepping stone
Not to climb up
But to sprawl down
To feel the stillness
Be one with the

The price includes shipping within India.

Weight 3.66 kg
Dimensions 48 × 36 × 14 cm


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