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Corner Lamp – Natural Edge


Sold out!

This corner lamp is fashioned put of a tree stump which was partially burnt. A portion was hollow with a hole, surrounded by a burl. This inspired a hooded cobra with a crown in my imagination. This lamp was started almost five years ago. If you want to read the details about why it took so long you can find it in this blogpost.

The lamp is made such that the electrical system is a complete separate unit. Any string fairyblight can be wrapped around its crown. The crown is.made of inserted brass pins. I will include the lights seen in the pictures with the lamp. This is the only fairy lights I could find near my place. It is low quality and is for illustration only. You can use any other string light you prefer. Using warm tones or at least white would harmonize with the yellow of the resin which fills the hole.

It is 38.5 cm tall and about 1.3 kgs in weight.


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