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Meditation Seat Wood


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I have been ground-living for the last few years. My laptopwork, painting and woodworking are all done mostly on the ground, sitting cross legged. I use a cotton rug as an insulator as using bare ground is not recommended. Many of my friends have also discovered the joys of sitting asanas, if not on the floor, on a raised bed. Lockdown meant work from home and the freedom to experiment. I hope more and more people especially those working in sitting computer jobs try these cross legged postures while working.

This meditation seat is supposed to ease someone who wants to switch to this lifestyle. The main plank is acacia. It weighs about 2 kgs. The dimensions are 24 cm wide at the back and 48 cm at its widest. The forward length is 34 cm at its longest. The back raised block is teak, 5.5 cm high. This meditation seat is supposed to ease someone who wants to switch to this lifestyle. While one doesn’t need anything to follow this minimalist cross legged lifestyle, this would be like a prop, which gives one a good reason to try. The seats are dipped, which I had only seen in pics and this is the first time I experienced. The curves give you such a close ‘butt hug’ that the pressure of your weight is very evenly distributed. The raised mid sections pushes into the muladhar, which acts almost like a semi mula-bandha. The back of the seat is slightly raised which makes it easier for newbies to sit for longer times. This was inspired by vipassana camps where the newbie meditators would raise the back part of their seats with cushions. This also increases the angle between the legs and the spine to greater than 90 degrees. With time when one gets used to this angle, I would recommend cutting the back wooden block little by little, so that this angle goes towards nighty degrees. I always use this seat over a rug as the legs spill over out of the seat. The front edge of the seat is curved so that it doesn’t stick into your thighs. Much of these smaller tweaks came with iteration of using it myself. This seat has been in the making for two years now.

Anyone purchasing this meditation seat will get a 30 percent discount on handsaws that I will soon list. So that you slice the raised back block yourself. Or you can take it to a nearby carpentry shop to slice off a small piece. If you could arrange pickup and drop, I would be willing to do this cutting for you as many times as you want.

Shipping within India is included in the price.


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