Maslow’s Chakras


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It is incredible how Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs or Maslow’s Pyramid looks analogous to our prana chakras.

The lowest layer of the Maslow’s Pyramid are the physiological needs. Food, shelter, clothing, sleep etc. If we look at the lowest chakra, muladhara, it also deals with the most basic needs.

The second layer of Maslow’s Pyramid is safety. The second chakra Svadhishthan also deals with fear.

The third layer in Maslow’s Pyramid is Love, sense of connection, which has the counterpart the Anahata the heart chakra.

The fourth layer of the pyramid is recognition, status, respect. Vishudha or the throat chakra is the one for communication. Not just speech, all types of communication, body language, written, visual etc. Maa Saraswati is the ruler of the Vishudha and everything associated with her is here. Anyone blessed by her is respected. For example, even a poor musical genius or an artist gets respect. Maybe after they are long dead, but they do.

The top most layer of the pyramid is self actualization, which has its counterpart the Sahasrara chakra. Both have this in common, the desire to become the most one can be. The thousand petalled lotus. All the different nadis from all the chakras would sure make this like a headquarter of a big corporation, with different departments.

Since the pyramid has only five layers and there are seven chakras, there are some aspects which are missing or some which overlap.

Painted on old paper with watercolor.

The size of the paper is 18.5 by 15 cm.

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