Muladhara – Four Petalled Square Tantra


Muladhara chakra is the lowest, but most important of all the chakras. Like it’s name, which literally means the “foundation root”, any issues with it reflect in other chakras. In Hath yoga traditionally this was the first chakra that was worked upon, same as while building the foundation is the first one made.

Problems in the colon, with the bladder, with elimination, or with lower back, leg, or feet issues, all these are due to it being unbalanced or blocked. Fear, anxiety and general instability also go with this. If you feel any of these symptoms, you should consider yourself lucky. If you know about the issue, you can take steps to solve it. For many these blockages do not manifest outwards, and they transfer these problems, although as neat and clean sealed packages to their next generation. Muladhar is one of the two chakras which holds onto ancestral trauma. What in Indian context is called Matru-dosha or Pitru-dosha, is most likely in Muladhara. Even western science has caught up a few years ago, figuring out how trauma is transferred from generation to generation through DNA.

How to go about solving this? I suggest a multi sided approach. These are some things you could do.
• Be aware of your elimination and try to keep it in the mid area of the Bristol stool scale.
• Try bringing a seated asana into your lifestyle, which then makes yogasana as a passive activity, which you can perform doing other things. you may begin with sukhasana, and then move onto ardha-padmasana and then padmasana. There are many other asanas aimed at this chakra which you easily find on the net.
• Red is the color of this chakra, the lowest frequency of the seven colors. “LUM” is the Beej Mantra (seed mantra). It is pronounced as LUMP without the P. Or replace the Sa sound with La sound in “Some”. Many places on the internet write this sound as LAM which is wrong. I have chosen to use the English letters in the image so that it is more accessible globally, instead of the devanagri letters. In devanagri it is written as लम.

This four petalled red square has been used alongwith meditation and yogasanas at targetting muladhara. I have painted this over a used postcard from 1962. The other chakra paintings are also underway and will be listed soon on etsy and my site
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