Kaliya Mardan, Bakasur Vadha, set of two vintage prints


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One of these prints show the duel between Krishna and Bakasur. Baka – Asur was a demon in the form of a massive crane. On their daily meandering with their cows they came across this demon who proceeded to swallow Krishna. But due to his divine body heat we was not able to. Krishna immediately tore its beak killing the demon.

In the other print it depicts Krishna subduing the nagaraj Kaliya. Due to his sever poison the entire water of Yamuna had become poisonous. Making the water unauitable for use. Krishna duels Kaliya and subdues him. When he is about to make the kill, Kaliya’s wives come and plead to have mercy and let him live. Krishna agrees to this as long as they leave and go somewhere far away. One thing noteworthy is how the wives are bent in their pleadings. In different degrees, which is a very wise artistic decision. While some of them would be having a dialogue with Krishna others would use their emotional side more. Since all wives would have sloghtly different characters they are reacting in slightly different ways.

Both these prints have the signature of the painter, ‘Agyat’, which seem like a ‘nom de plume’.

This is an early generation offset print. When offset was still high-tech. The dots are the tiniest I have seen and colors change very delicately.

The size of the prints is 36.5 cm by 29 cm. Framing using vintage wooden frames is available on request. Kindly contact on watsap or email. If you are in interested in only one print please let me know. Kindly contact on watsap (eight one six zero one eight four seven four zero) or email (regainartNTools AT gmail dot com – replace AT with @ dot with .) .


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