Gyan Chaupar, Mukti paat, Ancient Snakes and ladders, saamp seedhi


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This is a Gyana Chaupar, upon which the western game of Snakes and Ladder is based. This one has jain origins from Rajasthan. It shows the journey of the jiva, the soul, through various lokas, worlds, before finding enlightenment at the top.

Their are 9X9 cells plus three extra cells at 1, 56 and 66. One progresses through the board with nothing but the chance of dice throws. Opposed to the concept of the free will this game emphasizes upon fate or kismat. Meanwhile teaching which qualities would take one higher and which will bring oneself lower. The column right after the last numbered cells shows the worlds, starting at the Narki-dwar, or hell. The final goal is mukti, the space beyond the moon crescent which shows the mukti-kshetra. Where two doormen stand in welcome at any new entrants.


Glossy paper, Canvas, Framed Canvas


A4, A3


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