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Gayatri Devi gayatri mantra, raja ravi varma


Sold out!

The chanting of gayatri mantra alone, can give salvation. It was “discovered” by Rishi Vishwamitra. I put discovered in quotes because he probably heard it while meditating, a case of ‘shruti’. This mantra is so powerful it is also visualized as a devi. Probably the only time a mantra preceded a diety.

Furthermore the diety to be visualized during thr recitation of this mantra varies with the time of the day. The morning form is Gayatri herself sitting on a white swan, seen as a form of Brahma. She is four headed like him. She is also considered Veda Mata or the one who gave us the four vedas. I take this to mean that she preceded the vedas and had a role to play in us discovering them.

For the afternoon she is seen having the energy of shiva, riding a bull. She has a trident, a damru and a kapala, human skull which seems to be missing from this picture.

In her evening form she is seen resembling Vishnu, with Shankh (conch), Gada (mace), Chakra (disc) and Padma (lotus), riding a garuda.

The fourth image on the right bottom corner shows a rishi doing pranayam, labeled Pranav rishi. Now pranava is also the Om mahamantra, the monarch of mantras, the one that is chanted first. It has the qualities of the trinity, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. And this is just a guess but the fact that this person is shown doing pranayam sitting in padmasana, may mean that the mantra would be even more effective if the nadis are unblocked, by hatha yoga and pranayam.

This lithograph print has a few watermarks along the edges, but otherwise fine. It is for sale within India. It could be close to hundred years old.

The size of this print is 36 by 24 cm. Framing using vintage wooden frames is available on request. Kindly contact on watsap (eight one six zero one eight four seven four zero) or email (regainartNTools AT gmail dot com – replace AT with @ dot with .) Price is inclusive of shipping within India.


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