Cosmic Egg Manipura Svadhishthan Tantric Heart Chakra


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The Cosmic egg makes its appearance again. A recent visit to Omkareshwar and purchasing a few river worn rock ‘eggs’ has rekindled my interest in these. I find it very interesting to showcase the entire universe within the boundaries of an oblong egg. Where multiple volumes of thick books won’t do, an egg is enough. These have been used as a meditation aid for a long time.

This has two main colors, yellow and orange. These are the colors for Manipura and Svadhishthan chakras. The stomach and the genitals, the consumption and playing chakras. No wonder these are the colors used by fast food parlors.

The egg here also symbolises sun, with its rays going out. Or the mother egg and us swimming towards it.

The size of the painting is 6 by 8 inches. It has been painted on old cracked paper. It has been pasted on a cotton handmade paper for backing using reversible water soluble non acidic paste.

I also deal in old paintings and have come to know the significance of the Certificate of Authenticity (COA). Keeping this in mind, this painting will come with this certificate duly signed my myself.


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