Weed weed everywhere

Yesterday afternoon was one of those days when I just have to get out. So with the sun overhead i set out to climb the hill nearby.

After the 15 min climb, with shadows of eagles for company i reached the top. Being the ninth day of navratri, and the temple on top being that of “THE” devi, there was a small ‘bhoj’ (feast) going on. They had finished eating and seemed to have come from far off places. Women lazed around in groups while the children and youth were discharging their hypergluco-adrenaline-blood.

I went descending the other side towards the lake. From the base of the hill there are numerous trails leading to the periphery of the lake. I took a familiar one. The grass had grown incredibly high. That along with the light shrubs which began to reach my shoulders. I was getting the idea that few had walked that path. The kurta i was wearing now had numerous “velcro” seeds and small caterpillary bugs on it. Ater some enjoyable struggling some more i reached the lake.

to be continued

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