The anatomy of a police chase

First of all let me tell you that i am a ‘law abiding’ 😉 citizen and am not into anarchy stuff. And the following is not a anarchy tutorial. Not that I claim any expertise in what I am going to say quite the contrary, but i believe that “failure has more lessons than success”. And this is a try to get rid of the self despicatory thoughts in my head.

For the fast food addicts: I got caught by the police, I tried to escape, they chased me, and after some huffy puffy run they caught me (with a lot of luck though.

Now for the connoissuers this the whole deal after which the tutorial will follow:

” I had gone to LTT (lokmanya tilak terminus), Kurla to recieve one of my relatives. I had got there by local which goes upto Tilak Nagar station which is just next to LTT. I had a ticket till Tilak nagar. The train was to arrive at 5:00 and just reached the station in time. The keypoint here is that i did not buy the platform ticket.

THey came and lots of hugs and smiles followed. Apart from me another of their relatives ahd also came. Now we turned towards the taxi stand lugging the bags. Just before the finish line like ghosts 4 Tcket checkers materialised. I saw one fot them first and avoided him but another one got me. I slipped the bag to the relatives and asked them to leave as these people like leeches suck off as much money as they can. there were some 5 people who were like me. The TCs made us stand inside one of the small police cabins.

THen came the demands, “pay Rs 500 or go to jail, etc… without any bargaining on aur side they lowered their price to Rs 250. I had all of 130 bucks, in my wallet. I was pretty desperate. i have always bought tickets, and once i ditch it and get caught. I was very angry with the God of Probability. WHen we told them we did not have even 250 they made us follow them to the railway police lockup. I knew that these were just ploys to get as much as possible from us. They walked in the front with us following them. There was a gap of a metre between each of us. I was the last. It was too hard to resist. They were not paying any attention. I gradually slowed down, so that the distance between me and the TCs was abt 10 metre.

Then I turned and ran. I did not turn back for a long time (time had dilated then), after some time (a few seconds) when I turned back i saw 2 of them following me. They were a good 80-90 metres behind me. They must have realised my flight after some time. There was a bus stop ahead and bus approaching it. An auto which was coming from the opposite direction suddenly stopped in front of me. The bus conductor held the go ahead bell thinking that I was running to get on the bus(which i was but for a different reason). A burly man stepped out of the auto and grabbed me. For a moment i was dazed, as he was totally unexpected. It was later that i learnt that he was a railway police sonstable on his way to duty and upon seeing the drama had came up with the correct analysis (he knew the TCs while the bus conductor didnt). Now where are these brainy constables when there are terrorists around. The first thing the TCs did upon reaching there was to punch the hell off me . 🙂 it was not that bad as i quickly started pleading and their heart melted on seeing my innocent teary eyes.

They dumped me in a auto and took me back. there i came to know that the other 3 had also had mad a run taking advantage of the chaos proceeding my flight. Off those 3 they could only get hold of one of them. THat guy made things a little easier for me as he was resisting a lot and got the brunt of their boots. They did not touch me, because i was acting real guilty and they thought i was a better prospect to fleece more money than the other guy. ANd they were beating him to make me nervous. They quite succeeded in that too.

Now the threats began anew. From an initial demand of 5000 bucks they came down to 1000 bucks after much pleading. Some pointers for pleading in situations like these, (remember though that to use any of these you have to loose all your dignity, so use only when you have none of it left).

* I had not recharged my cellphone for the last week.

* I showed them some boils on my body which where there because I had no money for the treatment.

* I also gave them a glimpse of the socks I was wearing one of each pair.

All in all after lots of teary eyed begging they let me go keeping my cellphone as security and asked me to get back in an hour with 1000 bucks. I got back to my base and borrowed the money and went back. On the way, i had got 2 of the Rs 100 notes into 10s.

I purposely ran the last 400 metres to get very sweaty and with my breathe out of control told that i have brought the money. They asked me how much have i brought, upon which they suddenly became very angry saying that they had agreed upon 3000 bucks. They know no shame. Anyway they took pity on my condition and gave me 200 bucks for which i thanked them.

Lots of you will consider me a fool to have done what I did, and well….you may be even right. But than again can a fool see his own foolishness, because i have seen traces of it. I do not claime to have done the right thing or the best thing, but at least now I would not feel guilty about not trying. ALso in addition i have learnt some lessons which have cost me 800 bucks. And the lessons i have got, does not have, “dont run away from the police” in it. I will not go as far as saying that, I consider it as a course with a fee of 800 but thats not far from the truth. Apart from the course i also got some bonus punches, thats the whole truth. As for the tutorial please hang on, I’ll write it soon along with the lessons.

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