cooking things up

Its quiet some days since I have posted. But when I am not cooking the bloggy version of saambaar I am doing the actual thing. My friends have rented a house nearby and invested in some kitchen appliances. But none of them have any instinct for cooking. It took a very confident me to get them to buy things and start. I never told them that I have never done this before.

Leaving a few incidents like when I opened a pressure cooker without letting out the extra steam, its been fairly easy. And the food turned out not too bad either. But alls well that ends well, fortunately it seems that i have a pair of god gifted cooks hands. Its funny how the rice I cook endures a variable number of whistles in the pressure cooker but still comes out good. And now homemade food is never very far. All I have to do is to call and ask them to buy all the things and go and supervise.

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