Click and EARN

We have a tendency to copy everything from the west. Not that it is bad. I read somewhere that most ideas genrate in the west. I am not contesting that statement nor accepting it.

THe latest case is the get paid by clicking on links. ANd this is for indian citizens only. And the going by the advertisents, some of which are from at least known companies (like ICICI bank, citibank, and NGO’s like childline etc.) maybe they are really telling the truth.

They have a tracker which only allows one link to be clicked in an interval of abt 30-60 seconds. and pay from 1 Re to 5 Re per click. Also there is a sign up bonus of 500 bucks. ANd off course there is a referral system where you could refer friends and get a cut. So if you have some 10 mins of spare time and free internet ;), click on this

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