Baaba jee

He was a gold medallist from the agra university. His qualification was such that when he applied for a post of bank cashier they made him the manager. But his philanthropist attitude made him give away loans to poor wretched souls (who actually deserved them)and denied big shots. But the higher authorities didnt like this very much. So in a 1 short month feb{of the leap year} he was back on the street looking for a job.

Then he applied for a teaching position in the local school. He was so overqualified in the sleepy town that they made him the principal. But again his helping soul got the better of him and he gave away all his salary as poor children’s fees and he was always broke.

That was the end of Babajee’s career and to this day people of the village never educate their children more than it is really necessary. It has been heard that babaji’s earning his living these days as a “beharoopiya” (of multiple personas), a fancy dress actor dressing up as lord krishna and radha every alternative day to get alms.

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