The kid who stole ‘gud’

So i was coming home from office today, using the service of the great dilli ki bus service. I was at the very front standing near the driver and helpers.
The helpers were discussing one of their enemies, bus number 505, and it’s crew. ‘bhenchod aaj toh laga di hai unki, sabse aagey hain…abhi tak 513 bhi nahi nikli hai….bhen$%^& ……………….bhen%@#$…” They were really excited as there was a great distance between them and the other bus in front of them, so they had lot of passengers. They were also very loud. Hearing all the filth floating around a 40ish old man came in front towards them, and began thrashing them.
“kya bhen@#$# bhhenc@## laga rakhi hai ..yahan ladies bhi baithi hain….tumhari nahi hai toh kya hua kisi aur ki toh behene betiyaan baithi hain yahan.”
The helpers were totally silenced in a moment. Glancing at each other with an embarassed look, they stood silent.

But he was still angry, and began chating with a fellow passenger,” ye log itni galiyaan dete hain…inki nahi hai toh kya hua………koi kuchh bolta nahi hai isi liye….koi banda mil jaye khatrnaak toh gaand faad de inki.”

Hearing this the driver smiled, “bilkul sahi kaha sarkaar, bilkul sahi,,..gand faad deni chahiye inki toh. achha suniye ek kahani. Ek gaon mein ek bacha roz apne ghar se gud chura kar khata thaa. Uski maa usey samjha samjha kar thak gayi thi. Ek din vo usey mandir ke pujari ke paas gayi. boli panditji, isey thodi samjhayi deejiye, ye mua roz gud chura kar khha jaata hai. Panditji bole, agle hafte isey lekar aana mein samjha doonga. Agle hafte aane pe pujari ne usey samjha diya. Maa ne poocha ki panditji pichle hafte kyon aapne hume vaapas bhhej diya. panditji bole, pichle hafte tak mein bhi gud chura kar khaata thha.”

I began laughing. He was totally speechless for a second. Then he said,”aapne toh mujhe ekdum chup karva diye.”

My most entertaining bus ride in delhi.

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  1. he he 🙂 sahin hai…. i somehow find the north India ppl…. bole to chaube ji, sharma hi, mishra hi etc. more social and funny that the junta u’ll get in mumbai’s trains and buses 🙂 somehow mumbai bhidu log are always looking at their watches or pre-occupied with stuff to interrupt others 🙂 So howz the crime scene @Dilli ?


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