Old wine new bottle

I have joined Uzanto. It’s into usability consulting, and has two other sites, Mindcanvas and Slideshare. Mindcanvas does customer surveys through game like methods and slideshare is for sharing slides. My work here would be as an Interaction Developer. Which is kind of a new idea, as it lies in between a designer and a developer.

And the company is based in Delhi, so bye bye mumbai. Everything happened so fast that here I am with just one jodi of clothing and no chances of getting to mumbai for my stuff before 15th jan.

And my number has changed, now it is 9910829201.

And everything happened so fast that kisi ko bhi mumbai chhodne ke bare mein bata nahi paya.

And btw, i, vinod and vishal had an awesome weekend. We went to Kangra valley, namely to Kangra, palampur, dharamshala and mcleodganj. The pics will soon be here(flickr).

4 thoughts on “Old wine new bottle”

  1. Hi kaa,,,,

    congrats for new job,,,so new year will b rocking in delhi,,,alas u have taken some pain to let ur friends know that u have shifted frm mumbai.good luck for starting new life in new city..

    Subhash Kumar

  2. ekdum jhat mangni pat byaah! 😀

    sahi hai yaar, now it is easier for u to slip off to himalay ke kisi choti.
    delhi se to sab paas hi hai.

    best wishes again!

  3. Kamine kutte.. tune.. apne career aur ke liye mumbai ko chod diya..

    Abe kuch dino pehle to tu wahan gaya tha.. apne dost ke shadi mein.. sahi hai .. i think these things can only happen in ur life… genesis of chaos.. anyways good.. there are some people in delhi with whom we can stay for a change .. in vacation. all the best..

  4. Hey thats a very good news. i am very happy for you. chal ab Delhi main kam se kam stay maar ke jaa sakta hoon. Piysuh bhi wahin hai. Chal I will call u soon on new year. Till then take care man.


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