Stolen phone and fried hard disk

Electronically the start seems bad. The only two pieces of hardware on me, my phone which somebody flicked and my usb hard disk which a army dude fried.

Agra is one mad place. A friend tells me their used to be a hospital for the senile here. Consider these, the rear view mirrors of all bikes folded inwards like hands in namaste. A gazillion types of jugad vehicles, with tullu pumps and scooter engines. ALong with ghoda gadis and bullock carts. They can manage to jam the traffice in perfectly good roads. When traffic gets jammed people jump their bikes upon the sidewalks, and which a moment later gets jammed too. So all in all after prateek’s marriage I had only some time in Agra and I couldnt see the Taj.

The marriage though not my first north indian marriage was the first in which i like ‘participated’. Though standing on the sides and looking on, on dancing girls, and other such rituals. Still it was fun. Only it was a little bit lonely, as i was the only outsider in between cousins and their families. And meanwhile i grew a little careless, and my phone got stolen. Prateek’s family did try to find it, checking the servants and so on, but it couldn’t be found.

More of prateek’s friends arrived on the marriage night and we did some baraati naach.
Overall it was a great experience. I felt i was living inside the movie monsoon wedding, though the drama was less.

So here i am in delhi, since. I went to gully parathe vali, chandni chowk, qutb minaar. And red fort. At its entrance there is an Xray scanning device. I had my hard disk in my bag. Fortunately i remembered about it. I took it out and showed it to one army guy and told him to check it personally as it would be damaged by xray. He was looking at it from all sides, while another army vala took my bag and began examining it. For a second while i was giving my bag to that guy the first guy put my hard disk into the xray machine. Idiocy even has limits, he could have told me that either xray or leave or anything of that sort. I was pretty sure it was gone. And indeed when i checked after reaching home it sure was not detected.
Anyways spilt milk, why cry.

And i have realized ,” mobile hard disk is not good for archiving stuff. “

2 thoughts on “Stolen phone and fried hard disk”

  1. I can’t find words to express my condolences… But at least your life is dramatic! I wish you better luck with electronics in 2007 🙂

    u find references to agra ka mental hospital in 70’s movies like “Junglee”

  2. oye kaa! yaar tera poora blog padha almost mein phir se. bahot majedaar hai yaar. ek baat bataa mereko.. aisa hi chalta raha to kuch saalo mein log books padhna band kar dnge na. blog agar itne entertaining hone lage to.

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