Tha last few days have been exhausting. Not only the training I have been doing, but also planning the logistics. For training I started with around 15 kms a day, a week earlier. The next day was 35 km, 45km, 55km, consecutively. And most riding I have done is during the peak hours. Have learnt… Continue reading Preparations

Delhi to Nepal

Feel free to take prints and put it on your office noticeboards. hee HAA haaa hAA 🙂 sponsors are welcome. mail at kDOTaDOTanandATgmailDOTcom

Body exertion and peace

Recent tryst with yoga taught me that peace of mind comes from stillness. To meditate, looking inwards brings takes you to newer planes of peace. Also according to at least some books I read, sweating is looked down upon. The sanyasi is advised to go to a solitary area where he is not disturbed, also… Continue reading Body exertion and peace

Bike trip to Chail

The ‘to’ journey was pretty uneventfull. But the return was awesome.  Sunday morning we decided to bike around near Chail and then return to Delhi. We had already been to the Kali ka Tibba (kali temple).  Still we landed at the base of the climb to the temple. One way was going up towards the… Continue reading Bike trip to Chail