Tha last few days have been exhausting. Not only the training I have been doing, but also planning the logistics. For training I started with around 15 kms a day, a week earlier. The next day was 35 km, 45km, 55km, consecutively. And most riding I have done is during the peak hours. Have learnt a thing or two about exerting your body for a long time in the hot summers, will write a complete post about the diet and things to do to counter he heat.

TheΒ  major problem was the logistics. Most of these things I have sorted out, but some still remain. This is the list of things I have purchased or arranged:

  • Cycling tights – got it from adventure 18 dhaula kuan. Will look a little alien in rural india, but will save my butt a few rashes.
  • Gel filled seat covers – again butt protection
  • A local cycle carrier from Chandni Chowk cycle market – cost Rs. 70, compared to Rs 400 for the firefox carrier. Mine can support my weight while the firefox carrier could take maximum around 20 kgs. Mine is around 800 gms while the firefox would be around 500gms
  • Had changed the firefox tubes to normal tubes – Difference is in the nozzle, firefox has bike nozzle by default. I am not planning to carry any puncture kit or pump. The logic being that on highways there are always punture fixer every few kms. Also it is easy to get a lift and take the cycle on a tractor or a truck to the next puncture fixer. And these guys mostly have the cycle pump, not the bike pump. I have also bought a brass nozzle with which I could pump my tyres with a bike pump. So I am pump proof, I can fill my tyres with any pump.
  • Purchased a gerber multipurpose knife. I am emotionally weak towards knives :P. I can’t find my model on their site, but this is very similar.
  • 2 bags – Couldn’t find any panniers that could go straight to the back of my cycle. Scoured Nabi Karim market in Karol Bagh, and actually did find something I could use. But they refused to sell only 2 pieces. They sell minimum of 6. This was after I couldn’t get any at Adventure18 and Stikage. Will do a dry run tying the bags with some stuff inside. I believe they would jingle jangle a lot, and if they do would have to get a small frame custom welded.
  • A rubber mat – For naps along the way or if I stay at a dhaba to put it over the khatiya. Prevents mosquitoes biting from below.
  • update (13th jun) – Bought a pentax optio 750z point and shoot camera. Pretty good interface and has manual controls, everything for Rs. 8.5k. And it is built like a rock, totally a man’s camera. This was Sweta’s discovery.

Things still left:

  • Stocking up on some emergency food, salts and essential medicines.
  • Shades
  • A tube (for the tyre in case of no availability)

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5 thoughts on “Preparations”

  1. buy shades that can be used in night time also. wear a safa it will look good on you and that can be used as a cover when you sleep and will protect your head from the sun.

  2. What happened to ur SLR Series camera ?
    U have to purchase a new one, r u taking about Sweta Dalal ?
    Take some Pain Relievers (Like Moov cream and Ibrufen tablets), These will be the most necessary thing…. πŸ™‚
    Yaar, all the best and enjoy this ride.
    Do take some good snaps and do write about ur experiences.

  3. my old camera got stolen.
    and sweta is not our classmate, she is a russian friend I met in delhi.
    thanks for the wishes πŸ™‚

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