Bike trip to Chail

The ‘to’ journey was pretty uneventfull. But the return was awesome.  Sunday morning we decided to bike around near Chail and then return to Delhi. We had already been to the Kali ka Tibba (kali temple).  Still we landed at the base of the climb to the temple. One way was going up towards the temple and another one was going downwards. We decided to go on the one going down.

The road went on without we coming across any other travllers, or people. After around half an hour we saw a guy and asked if this was the way to shimla. He tells us that it was indeed but we were headed in the opposite direction. Not wanting to go back we asked him if there was a another way. ‘Ashvini ghaat’, he says, and we keep on going. The road soon turned into a dirt track with rocks falling off the sides. The next guy we saw was after one hour. There were moments we stopped to look at the amazing scenery. Also saw a big bird, probably the biggest I have seen with my eyes, which was probably the himalayan griffon vulture.

The real filmi moment was when the road ended into a stream. On walking along the stream we could see tyre tracks up ahead. So the stream was used as the road it seems, until a bridge was made. This was one of the highpoints of the trip. And this place was called ‘Ashvini khadd’ which we had heard as ‘Ashvini Ghat’. Anyway this track can be used as a practice or demo for people who want to bike to ladakh.

Arty pics here :P.

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