Body exertion and peace

Recent tryst with yoga taught me that peace of mind comes from stillness. To meditate, looking inwards brings takes you to newer planes of peace. Also according to at least some books I read, sweating is looked down upon. The sanyasi is advised to go to a solitary area where he is not disturbed, also he is advised not to exert his body to such an extent that he sweats. In fact if during asanas or pranayama, if he sweats he should rub that sweat into the body. Because sweat contains tej, effulgence would be a close english fit.

But contradictory to this theory I have found my moments of solace while taking my body to the limits. Be it after a day of hiking or in the last few kilometers in a long run. When the pain goes away and all that remains is peace.  So maybe in this kind of therapy pain is essential. I have used it when I failed a course in college, or after fights with my girlfriend. Nothing beats going on a long run.

Having said that, I am planning to cycle to nepal. After a bit of research found out that nepal is after all not so far. Only around 350 kms. The nearest border crossing that is, Mahendranagar. I have cycled along the konkan belt earlier, around 250 kms, after which I was about to bust my knee cartilage. One reason was I had not had an ounce of practice. And second the cycle had no gears. The third is, one of my legs is a little weak for such arduous tasks. One negative with this plan is the timing. Middle of the summers that is.  But I have been always hardy against heat, have cycled multiple times to watch movies like ‘Chudail ka badla’ during the summer vacations. Though that was almost 10 years back. This time I am not taking any chances. I have started going out cycling in the heat. Today cycled around 20 kms in around 1.5 hours during peak afternoon.  Drank 8 glasses of machine ka thanda pani. Tomorrow will take a bottle of water along as the cold water from the machine shocks the body.

Here is the map I am going to follow. If any of you have experience with long distance cycling or any other physical activity during the summers, kindly advice, on anything I might need.

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  1. haan re.. also found out from umrikar ji, that I should also take lots of electrolytes. he suggested Vital Z powder. what I will do is before leaving i will post everything I am carrying. and after i come back i shall post the things which i should or should not have carried.

  2. hey thanks raman. i am planning it around 15th this month. i guess with the summer around ..i’ll need water and salts more than anything else

  3. KAA the Super Hero ! The fundament of a superhero is the guy in tights saving innocent people from bad things. It’s amazing to see how u save innocent people of Nepal ?
    They are eagerly waiting for u . ” Humara superhero ayega ” !

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