Google analytics – interface botch up

Google products are high on usability. It is really hard to find any logical blotches. So I have kept this with myself for a long time thinking I might have got the concept wrong somehow.

I will give some background information for readers not aware of google analytics. It helps in keeping track of how many visitors, pageviews etc you have had for your sites. You can make different accounts inside it and share each account with different people. Each account can have different reports. Let me give an example. Let us say I have a company account which keeps track of my companies site. The company account has three different reports, one for its site, and two for its two separate blogs. I can share this with my collegues. My second account could be my personal account which I use for my personal site and blog.

If we see it as folders and subfolders, or for that matter menu or submenu, or list and sublist it will look like,

  • Company account
    • company site
    • company blog one
    • company blog two
  • personal account
    • my site
    • my blog

Do you see the hierarchy here? The parents and the children?

This is how google analytics interface shows it now. Please click to see the full view.

English is a left to right language system. So anywhere if visually a parent and child relation is to be shown the parent is on the left, because it comes first. Here the parent which are the accounts however lie on the right. This is how it should be:

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