What is love?

I asked this to my friends. And now I am asking you, what do you consider as love?

Love as happiness is an abstract noun. And like happiness what love means to each individual changes from person to person. Is it a extra flow of endorphins in the brain? Or is it what people compare with stories they have heard.  Of legends laila and majnu, or the recent bollywood flick. Some of my friends offered me their definition of love, what they feel the four letter word implies. I request the reader to comment too, and if possible before they read what the others think. To read what others think of love,

unconditional, accepting all the bads n goods as they are or may grow, care for what ur partener feels at every moment – Rahul Meena

Love is, A feeling, in which you are just concerned about the other person’s happiness. you care for her, it is the feeling in which you know the things even before they say that, You sleep in her thoughts, You scrifice anything without thinking about self. – Ravi Gupta

love is just one step ahead of “friendship” for me… you may not agree with the other person all the time, but you are still happy to go the extra mile because you know it would make the other person happy…the initial “euphoric” feeling that people talk abt…is i guess, there just
to help the initial bonding when u don’t really know each other so well…love for me is what is left after the euphoria dies down…if you still have respect, you want to spend more and more time with the other person…if u still feel you can happily co-exist with this person
better than with most out there…then it’s love. – Mudit Chandra

wen forget to care about ur self, when u forget to care about your parents, when u forget to spend ur money carefully on ur loveone and more over wen i dont love urself much then her
that means u r in love – Parvinder Chopra

according to me Love is u physically apart from each other but still be one , u feel the pain of missing each other but still be warmth and feel happy when u recall u’r past days when u both were together love is u haven’t sure whether u blame or accept the destiny for both of u’r departing souls that is love for me. – Samrat

6 thoughts on “What is love?”

  1. Love is when you start to diminish your identity and start seeing yourself in the other person. This is the reason I call it ‘self-destruction’. There is nothing about you in love….you never feel you are giving up something and you never ever judge the person you truly love or apply your head or logic with the person you love…its pure and free from any bonding…

  2. The real practical problem with love is the fact that everyone thinks of it differently. So when two people say “I love you” to each other, the ‘love’ in each means something different. does anyone else see this problem?

  3. It might be that people use different words to define what they call ‘love’ but i feel the core remains the same…

  4. Well…it might be that you are saying people have different expectations from love or shall I say from someone they love…its a problem…you cant expect a customized person…its about accepting and not expecting 🙂

  5. yes that is what I meant. it’s like getting into a deal with no fine print. and i guess thats were the problem comes, where people start expecting, as you said.

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