Avatar and Meeting resistance.

Meeting resistance is a film about people who were resisting the US forces, in a certain area in Baghdad. When US forces invaded Iraq, there were not many, who were fans of Saddam Hussein. So when the resistance started it was US bewilderment fir the US, as to ‘why people don’t want freedom’. It seems… Continue reading Avatar and Meeting resistance.

Blood Simple – A review

I could only catch glimpses of ‘No country for old men‘, fighting for the remote in between the IPL cricket matches. From what I saw, I was deeply intrigued by the Coen brothers. So the next logical step was to download their first movie, ‘Blood Simple’. The movie begins with scenes of desolation, and a… Continue reading Blood Simple – A review

Om Dar Badar

Thanks to Mudit Chandra for this arcane info. See this video and see the similarities with a recent song with lines going like ‘Emo Scenal Ati Achaar’. I agree with Mudit when he says that if you are taking inspiration and that too for a whole song, at least you should remark about it in… Continue reading Om Dar Badar

Slumdog millionaire

Immensely entertaining. That said, here are the shortcomings: 1. And this is the biggest one. The fact that a slumdog knows all 20 answers, and all of them by chance, is for one a BIG coincidence. The probability of which happening in real life is extremely slim. But again it is plausible, which leads us… Continue reading Slumdog millionaire