Blood Simple – A review

I could only catch glimpses of ‘No country for old men‘, fighting for the remote in between the IPL cricket matches. From what I saw, I was deeply intrigued by the Coen brothers. So the next logical step was to download their first movie, ‘Blood Simple’.

blood simple by coen brothers
blood simple by coen brothers

The movie begins with scenes of desolation, and a guy commenting on the scheme of things. He finishes of by saying,

‘..But what I know about is Texas. And down here, you’re on your own.’

And this line neatly sums up one layer of the film. With all the bloodletting that we see, we never see the hand of law anywhere. And as I said this movie has several layers. The top layer points to the idea that breakups are not easy and when they occur, they usually make people do idiotic things. Things which if they had reconsidered they would not have done. And the second layer is that every character stands up for their own self when it comes to survival. There is no, ‘somebody save me’ in this movie.

The plot is interesting enough that you would get tired of trying to predict and failing. Another remarkable facet is the editing. The cuts are phenomenal, and more so the cuts which are integral to the narrative. Like the scene when the detective goes for the kill and stands by the window. Also the background music which in its absence doesn’t let you miss it, and with its presence makes the scenes richer. If you are thrill seeking, drama loving, you have to watch it. And I will get on with other Coen brother films.

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