The hot saasu Maa?

She’s not saasu maa (mother in law) yet. But it is close enough, or what else would you call a guy’s girlfriend’s mom? I have been observing how media’s portrayal of Indian sexuality is changing with time. I had written about the indian maid before. Now it is the turn of the saas (mother in law) and the saali (sister in law), in the Vjazz mobile and the Wildstone deodorant ad .

The point to be noticed here is that the ‘jija-sali‘ thing has been popular in Indian culture for quite some time. Sali aadhi gharwali or sister in law is half wife, has been used a zillion times, even in films. But this is one of the few times where the highlight is on the sexual nature of the relation. And I wouldn’t be surprised if this the first case of portraying sexual interest between mother in law and the guy, in Indian media. The key points to notice here are:

  • aunty’s husband is away on a tour, and she’s so lonely
  • with the guy’s antics aunty is surely enamored
  • when aunty’s daughter finds them in such a situation, she gets nervous…Is it because of guilt?

Maybe a post on eroding traditional values is in order.

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  1. Hmm, i quite look forward to the post on eroding value. I was quite surprised at this virgin mobile ad, but then surprises work at least when it comes to the advertising industry.

    Great summary of some ads which make me think about the state of our society as well.

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