Avatar and Meeting resistance.

Meeting resistance is a film about people who were resisting the US forces, in a certain area in Baghdad. When US forces invaded Iraq, there were not many, who were fans of Saddam Hussein. So when the resistance started it was US bewilderment fir the US, as to ‘why people don’t want freedom’. It seems the people who started resisting the US forces, where doing so for another reason. Religion. In the initial days US bombers damaged a part of the biggest Sunni mosque in Baghdad, called the Abu Hanifeh. Named after the founder of Sunni Hanfid branch of Islam, and considered holy by sunni muslims.

Of course I have simplified the situation, and there were other factors at play too. Go see both these films and judge for yourself. Another point that I took from both movies is that, it is impossible to judge value systems of another culture.

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