Da da da da Dance

one of these days i shall
write this on a piece of paper
“shall dance for peace
and a few rupees”
And i will spin like a wok
on a chinese fire
with nothing else but
two small thumbs
and a nice attire.
do a limbo
pick a kerchief
with my teeth
bent backwards
and when they see me dance
and clap there hands,
standing askance,
I will
then say this to them,
say A
say AAA
say ¶
And they shall dance and dance
da da da da dance
give themselves into romance
aunties become lil teenage girls
moustachoed uncles moon walk.
and i shall pump up the trance
And they shall dance and dance
da da da da dance

download the mp3

And if you wish to throw shoes at me, kindly throw a pair. And size 8.

3 Comments on “Da da da da Dance

  1. Loved it. Wonderful imagery and a deep insight.

    Loved the ‘lines’
    say ¶

    To think, I interpreted it as ‘world peace’, in one word!


  2. it was playing in my ears with music. can u believe that.
    i tried recording it..did get some of the rhythm.. mailed you

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