Souffle au coeur, Le & Marilena de la P7

Saw two coming off age movies, and that too in a row. It was a coincidence because I knew little about them, having downloaded them on a whim. First one was ‘Souffle au coeur, Le’ or ‘Murmur of the Heart’. The director has handled a very controversial issue, that of incest. Still there’s nothing vulgar about it. Also loved the non-judgemental way of the director. As in he did’nt want to show any character as the sum of their parts. The most appropriate parallel would be a wildlife filmmaker, who just observes and shows. Needless to say loved it. Also it reminded me of P.Padmaraj’s Rathi Nirvedam.

Compared to Murmur of the hearts, which was a great story well told, the second one ‘Marilena de la P7’ is an example of very good film making. The editing, the screenplay everything is just right. And this film earns the director, Cristian Nemescu a place on my best directors list.

And both of them go into my favorite movie list.

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