Mahakali over Prostate Shiva Kalighat


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From the Bengal school here we have Kali ma standing on top of Shiva’s corpse. There are many versions of this picture with subtle differences. Some have Shiva with his eyes open or half open. This one has his eyes complete open. This may appear like a small difference but illustrates how iconography has been used to make seemingly subtle but drastic changes.
The implication of the Shiva having his eyes open is that he is alive. And why is he on the ground, one may ask. That is the only way he could come up with to calm down Kali, who is on a blood-lusty trip. Kali is sticking out her tongue which is often used when one realizes ones own careless mistake. She is about to step down on her own husband!! This

Some versions of this picture have a skull bowl in one of her hands to catch the blood shed. This one does not have one. The dog should have been below the bleeding head. Since the dagger under which the dog is standing does not show any traces of blood. This image is suitable for folks who are in the gyan marg. It is a reminder not to take symbols for granted but to test them using your own intellect. For bhakti margis there are other images linked below which are more suitable. Her tongue is blood red, as she is consuming the blood. Her eyes are wide open, all three of them. That is why she is Kali, having mastery over Kala or time.

This can be printed to get very good quality print for A4 size, in paper, canvas or framed canvas. A3 size will be decent quality.


Glossy paper, Canvas, Framed Canvas


A4, A3


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