Cosmic Egg Brahmanda – tantric song, watercolor painting on old paper


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The Cosmic Egg or the Brahmanda as we call it, is a topic I am fascinated with. I find it very interesting to showcase the entire universe within the boundaries of an oblong egg. Where multiple volumes of thick books won’t do, an egg is enough.

Like all tantra paintings this one too has a purpose. This is meant to bring your center of prana downwards.To make apana vayu stronger.

Painted on old paper from blank pages of a journal with watercolor. The paper is interesting, as it does have very tiny grains. Doesn’t absorb the paint and lets it swirl around like oil over water.

The size of the egg is about 2.5 by 4 cm, with lots of empty space on the page for framing. The placement of the egg in the lower half of the page is intentional, and I suggest that is kept if it is framed.


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