Nokia KA01

I have just got the latest model Nokia KA01.

:), actually this is my second attempt at designing (actually modding) hardware. It would look pretty simple but when it comes down to the details of which adhesive to use, or how to waterproof the electronics, it takes a little bit of research and ‘trial and error’.  Will post sometime my learning of working hands-on.

2 thoughts on “Nokia KA01”

  1. Dear Mr.,

    I congratulate you for the new model which may trigger a paradigm shift in cell phone designing and appreciate the efforts involved in putting the “balls” together. However, as a part of the consumer community, I’d like to make the following submission- unless this design is specifically aimed at the fairer sex, please try and make the “balls” easy to press.

    I hope you wouldn’t mind the liberty I’ve taken and take the comment as a constructive suggestion.

    Always yours.
    . . .

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