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Doga doesn’t need introduction if you are between 20-35 and come from one of the smaller towns from central to northern India. If you are out of this domain and still know about Doga, power be to you :). So if you haven’t already heard about it, Anurag Kashyap is planning a full fledged, big scale movie on Doga. Kunal Kapoor is supposed to play the anti-hero. And Sony International is producing it.

And Doga is my favourite out of all the other hindi super-heroes. Main reason being he is not a super hero, being just a fitness freak, who teaches himself different martial arts from his different uncles. Off course there are reasons for this change in his character, which also make him more rounded and 3D, then the other righteous heroes. I for one am eagerly waiting for this movie.

One big shot in the arm for hindi comics.

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  1. Raj comics were also making animated movie on nagraj which is the oldest indian comic superhero and another popular one is super commando dhruv who is quite similar to robin of batman and robin. to make a movie on nagraj will be difficult because he have superpowers and he brings out snakes from somewhere while doga have freinds in dogs and where there are man there are dogs.
    doga is sellable to both kids and younger peoples because he is stylish and don’t have any superpowers.

  2. Dr. Soni ( PhD in Raj Comics )

    Well, I still follow RajComics, buying eComics from their store and have been especially following nagraj, dhruva and Doga but also read others just to keep up. (Kaa I don’t know if you remember but I used to run a Comic and Video Game library along with my brother ).
    I like Dhruva the best but think it won’t work as a movie unless filmed upon a very tightly bound script and crisp direction. Doga on the other hand is not unlike Amitabh Bachchan of the 70s with a Mask { err Tooofan 😉 }, with all the childhood sufferings and a drive to kill all that is evil. Doga of course has a superior body. Things I definitely like to see would be cool weapons of Doga ( and his ‘Achook Nishana’ shown very clearly ) and the way he disappears into the sewer system ( Doga does it fully geared, and with a Somersault ). I would also appreciate if the love angle ( first sonu and then monika and latest Lomdi ) are deferred to the sequels. It would really sad if Anurag falls into trap of putting all the masala in the first movie itself as if there is no tomorrow and doesn’t trust his talent as a director or the story of DOGA.

  3. OK… That’s news… I stumbled upon your blog & what a coincidence, I recently put up a post full of Raj comics et al, myself 🙂

    Have a great Sunday 🙂


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