Evolutionary drama – Pug is not a dog

Though it may sound like a story out of star trek, scientists at the research facility DRON in Pennsylvania, have found out that Pugs might be, not dogs after all. Dr. Alicia who has been heading this research for the past 3 years says, “We have been studying a type of vampire bat, the one called Diphylla ecaudata, along with the pug for a while now. Anyone could see the similarities in the facial structures. In fact the only thing different between them is while Diphylla shows a remarkable affinity for mammal blood, the pug remains content with green tea.”

Pug owners across the world heaved a sigh of relief when it was made clear that their dogs don’t want to drink their blood.

2 thoughts on “Evolutionary drama – Pug is not a dog”

  1. kitne lukkhe scientist hai duniya mein.. hehe. BTW how are you doing man? Was excited about your Nepal trip. Still waiting for more pictures. -anmol

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