Noida rape case.

You might have read about the Noida rape case. When the first reports came it was like this:

The 10 accused allegedly followed the victim and her friend, stopped their car, overpowered them and drove them to Sector-71, right outside their village. Here the accused raped the victim and beat her classmate up.

This is most probably the FIR at the police station. And this is what the father of one of the accused says:

Gyan Chand Yadav, father of Sanjay, one of the alleged rapists, maintains his son is innocent. “They just saw the man and woman doing something wrong and stopped them from doing it. That is their fault. But the police is charging them for rape, which is completely false.”

After the first few days the whole thing took a political hue. The issue then became a rural and urban divide. That the villagers were still feudal. Nowhere did I see a report in which they saw it from the villagers eyes. Of course the guilty must be punished, but prejudice against anyone, and in this case against a big subset of our community is what I am against.

Now I am mostly speculating, and this is what most of our police and journalists do anyway, so I won’t ask your forgiveness if I am wrong. The possibility that 10 guys would just start chasing a car with a boy and a girl, is highly unlikely. Most probably the boy and the girl were up to something parked somewhere remote, which the boys saw. Now in no way am I justifying what the boys then did, if they did it.

What I would like to ask is this, if the boy and girl were up to something shady does it change the case? Are they then guilty of obscene acts in public? Does that weaken the case against the boys?

To the village sensibililties, a girl who is doing the hanky panky with a guy in a car, in public, is a bad girl. And bad girls do not deserve respect. And hence they reap what they sow. Now you may agree to it or not, but this is the ground reality. Whatever you think you must be aware of it.

And this is were the city bred liberals and the feminists get it wrong, in my opinion. Consider this movement: ‘

This is a quote I have taken from one of the posts there:

“My daughter ( 46 years) and grand daughter( 22 years) were walking by the lake. A mad man lift up his lungi and flashed his body parts at my daughter. “

Everone would agree that this is a clear case of sexual harassment. Now change the genders, the language, and make the speakers belong to a village:

में हमारा बेटा और हमारा पोता, जब फसल बेचने शहर गए रहे. तब हम क्या देखे, एक लड़की आधी नंगी, उसकी चोली तोह छोटी थी ही, न कोई दुप्पट्टा, और उसका घाघरा किसी ७ साल की बच्ची के जितना था. हम बेटे से बोल दिए रहे की हम अब शेहेर नही आऊंगा.
(or in english – “I, my son and my grandson went to the city to sell our wheat. There what I saw, made my eyes pop out. An almost naked girl, wearing a very tight blouse and a very small skirt. I told my son I won’t ever come to the city again”)

Now how many of you think the second instance is also of sexual harassment?

My whole point is this. India is various countries in one. To fight for ones rights is well and good, but you should also be aware of the various realities to save your own skin.

4 thoughts on “Noida rape case.”

  1. Do you think a gang rape justifies , if some guys have seen something obscene ?

    Of-course this is feudal/hypocritical mindset of rural India that justifies this.Its shamelessness.

  2. as I said I am not justifying anything. I am suggesting that everyone must be aware of the ground realities and act accordingly.

    And this is what I would recommend to all the females I care about. Won’t you?

  3. While no crime can and should be justified, the second scenario that you describe is the ground reality; any provocation to crime is also a crime; but our ‘liberated’ ladies will not accept that.

  4. @joseph. exactly my point.
    also this point is amplified because some of the prominent media is also too citi-fied. I would really like to read the report of this incident in a regional paper.

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