Satyam – confessions or something far sinister?

I don’t know if I can call this a ‘thought experiment‘, but in lack of reasons not to, I will.
My assumption is that if a person is so smart as to fool the whole country and gobble 7000 crores, he should be smart enough to think of a way to escape. Now that Ramalinga Raju, and some of his team have pleaded guilty and that too, at the very beginning of this issue, I think there is more to it. If my assumption is correct, it simply means that pleading guilty would have benefitted them in much more ways than just reducing their charges (that’s what normally happens in confessions right? ..they get liniency in their punishments).
Obviously this just holds on my assumption, and has no data which supports it. So lets wait and see if my assumption is correct. The time for which might not come even, if my assumption is too correct :P.

3 thoughts on “Satyam – confessions or something far sinister?”

  1. sure man …that he would indeed know. What I have in mind is the probability that more people are involved, politicians etc. anyway right now we can only speculate

  2. there is no reason to speculate….jis desh mein Mayawati khule aam hafta vasool karti hai uss desh mein 7000 crore hajam karna maamooli baat hai..2 mahine mein sab bhool jaayenge aur raju gentleman ban jaayega

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