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And all that has set me thinking. let me describe the possible situation. Two people come together … stay together for a while and become friends. Now its highly unlikely that the friendliness quotient (of how good one considers someone a friend) for both regarding each other is the exact same. And what are the implications. That more often than not,no two people can be equally friendly to each other.

Well i am assuming there is a thing like the friendliness quotient, based upon my personal experience that though we know a lot of people but we could grade them according to the intimacy/caring/etc/etc we share or have with them.

Revisiting the conclusion (that most often than no two people can be exact equally friendly to each other), i would like to see whether this has any major effect in our relationships. Well i am extending the friends funda to other relations as well. At least where both the subjects are on an equal footing, like friends, lovers, etc

One case in which i have recently seen this happen is when one of them thinks the other as his best friend but the other end has somebody else. So when it comes to a showdown between them, who is the one to blame. These are not deals which we peruse carefully and then sign. These things just happen and even we do not put tangible names/words/etc to them. Is it fare to not reciprocate with the same warmth to somebody?

My personal view is feelings like love, affection, respect etc should not be demanded but earned slowly. And though our hearts are week, we should not expect the same love, affection or respect in return, or then it would turn into something like a grocery deal at the mall. The word which comes to mind is unconditional.

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